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A school party

Le 20 July 2015, 10:07 dans Humeurs 0

Together in a downtown restaurant. Students have not seen each other for decades, heart very want to and they see, Xu Xujiu, to chat, talk about the dream of the year.

I rode drive along the way through a few streets, when come to the restaurant I paused, this restaurant is the city's most upscale hotel, shop door parked all luxury vehicles, students from the car calmly walked out, the sun in their smiling face, filled with life brilliant success.

The classmates meeting, the feeling is very kind, everyone around together, talking and laughing, I feel like back to the era of the fluttering white. I would like to come close to them, and they talk about the past, who knows they are in the vanity of the comparisons, the comparison of people's achievements, the comparison of the brilliant life.

A trim suit students walked over, patted my shoulder, I turned to the past, the students smiled and asked me: "Yo, XX ah, you now where another job?" I shook my head, he answered "no job, a regular job, usually at home writing." He listen to helplessly shake head "are you still writing novels, what are the age, who will see this, stop faffing about, you see people of the XX, now when the chairman, is really imposing." I smiled at him and did not take his words.

Then the students one waving greeted me, the content of the conversation mostly talk about work, talk business, talk about who who who earn much money, who who who when the officer, and even a meeting was busy selling goods, busy business negotiations. I frown, this is a classmate party, rather than a business meeting, I am a person sitting in the corner, not my talk, but I do not know what to say. I thought of the party, everyone should be memories of the past, the years of passion, those green days, the rush time and, for that matter, our heart carries the dream.

"Hey, XX, what are you doing here?" I looked up, is the same table, he and I have the same dream, is to become a novelist, write ups and downs of the story and the sentiment of the article. In order to this dream, we have worked together, do not listen carefully in class, write the text, together with the fear of being rejected and secretly submitted to the magazine. Then the college entrance examination after the end of each other to go to a different university, long time no contact, and eventually there will be no contact.

Years are pale and wait

Le 17 July 2015, 05:59 dans Humeurs 0

Low eyebrow, just the pots of orchids green and pleasant, the wind blows a page out of a book, Mr. Shen Zhang Zhaohe wrote the words greets, "I have done in many parts of the bridge, seen many times in the cloud, tasted many kinds of wine, but only the best loved a proper age." I do not know the situation, deeply attached. The original text is not good, in the works of great momentum, but in the cloud brocade book in the world, small and. There is a deep-seated of Acacia, deeply understand, faint emotion, is real earthly warmth, Jasper high blood pressure general Bo in the heart, such as a cotton clothes, intimate, warm heart.

Spring is far, the air flowing warm summer. Miss a season, because there can be fragments of memories that season, a moving style, have not erase qiannian. Some people say that time is the pencil on the white paper, clean and clean, it will leave traces. Is so, I sat in the depths of the spring, hold a lonely, in my heart for a long time temperature your name, remember, every sentence in spring moonlight for you wrote; remember, the reenex wind Qing green lotus when you saw me in every piece of Enterprise Cloud Email text.

Not to think, your deep eyes actually hiding many expectations and sentimental? Not to ask the spring to summer, who will be in your quiet heart lake ripples? Just want to touch the happiness and sorrow, they placed in between the lines of the. My miss and loneliness, there is the most real you. Because of the understanding, I would like to make the lotus the same woman, you keep a heart empty, quiet fragrance.

Bai Luomei said: the feeling to the deep, always ask a question: "why let me meet you." Yeah, if not met, I just a grain of the ordinary dust every day to the busy life, annihilation in the vast sea of humanity. Because there is a meeting, everything began to change, with the responsibility and play, with joy and pain. So sometimes it is better to do not meet, would rather lifetime don't shake hands, but life if not met, it will be how dull.

The life of loss and gain, joy, sorrow, tears have drunk the same. In my review of several times, buried with a heart. Watch, it is the eyes of the rain, let my tears freeze your back. I understand people, will cherish his heart. I do not know them, let me in the text in the end is a world of ice and snow, he was completely indifferent. Believe time, will save all the warmth and moved for me.

With the gentle wind, melodious piano sound outside the window, there seems to be flowers voice, and a spring is not well-known songs. Quietly reading, and then see the moonlight on the window sill of the orchid, as if in the eyes of time. Enjoy the Xinyi and bright, well OK, twist a scent, if you can, let you in the side.


diaper cake

Le 4 May 2015, 12:25 dans Humeurs 0

Anyone who knows me knows that I look for any excuse to get in the kitchen at this point of my life. Working parties, work meetings, social gatherings, birthdays, showers, you name it. With my birthday being only a few days away, I am one step away from baking myself a birthday cake, but hopefully someone will beat me to thatheart disease punch.

Lucky for me, I work with a group of ladies who are as passionate about baking as I am. And with all of us being in the event planning world, we have to make it a big reenex deal.

So naturally when we were asked to host our co-workers baby shower/goodbye party, we went all out dessert wise. We went with a subtle, but oh-so-adorable, girl scout theme – all of us doing our take on a traditional girl scout Business Hosting Servicecookie.

So needless to say, all the classics [i.e. samoas, thin mints, tagalongs, ect.] were all represented.

These little guys are my interpretation of a samoa, sans shortbread cookie. They’re light and airy, gooey and decadent all at the same time. The salt and the chocolate drizzle really play off of each other nicely. And with all this melted chocolate just lying around, I put those extra strawberries to good use – just me, a bowl of melted dark chocolate and sweet, sweet regret.

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